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Classic Mini Cooper Tools

MINI Catalog Page 13-45
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Eezibleed, one person brake or clutch bleed kit. Includes container to hold new fluid, interchangeable caps and pipe which connects to a tire for pressure. With fitting instructions. This kit fits many cars. Ideal for changing fluid throughout the system, it makes life really easy.
Clik-adjust is a tool made to simplify the job of adjusting valve clearance. By using the correct size socket on the tool, clearances can be set by turning the clik-adjust the amount of turns that correspond to the instructions for the clearance needed.
Colortune is a glass topped spark plug which allows you to see the color of the combustion in the chamber. Colortune takes the guess work out of the mixture adjustment because different fuel/air mixtures burn with different colors. Kit includes everything you need with instructions and wall chart.
Carbalancer allows both air intakes on twin and twin choke carburettors to be balanced so they flow exactly the same amount of air. This in turn will give you better performance with a smoother engine and better economy.
Brake adjusting spanner with longer handle for improved leverage has 5/16AF and 1/4AF hexagon closed ends. This will adjust the rear brake shoes on all Minis.
Brake adjusting spanner with longer handle for improved leverage has a 5/16AF open end for adjusting front brake shoes where the closed end for the common sized rear bleed screw.
This tool is required for fitting the chrome or black insert in the windscreen rubber or backlight rubber.
The valve grinding stick is necessary for lapping in the valves when rebuilding cylinder heads.
The Uni-syn tool is used to accurately balance twin carbs.
10  00-3683  
The SU tool kit includes instructions and all the special tools to adjust or maintain the HS2/4.
11  660220.000  
Valve Spring Compressor for all small cylinder heads.
12  CA40  
Box spanner for removing float needle valve.
13  111-6083  
Spanner for adjusting mixture of the HS2/4
14  T20  
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