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Timing Cover & Tappet Inspection Cover - Gasket Sets - Chapter 2 Pages 38-39
MINI Catalog Page 2-39
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  GEG101 1
Head gasket set, small bore
  GEG101/C 1
Head gasket set, small bore, copper gasket
  AJM1250MS 1
Head gasket set, small bore, includes A-Plus
  GEG1140 1
Head gasket set, 1275
  GEG1140/C 1
Head gasket set, Copper head gasket
  GEG202 1
Engine gasket set
  GEG206 1
Engine gasket set, 1300 only
no tappet chest gaskets
  AJM276 1
Engine gasket set, A-Plus
  GEG502 1
Transmission to engine gaskets
12G2506 1
Timing cover
Pre pad type tensioner
CAM4640 1
Timing cover
Pad type tensioner
CAM4904 1
Timing cover
‘A’ Plus
88G561 1
Oil seal
LUF1006 1
Oil seal for LJR10168 cover
12G2507 1
Timing cover with breather
Duplex type
12G2623 1
Timing cover with breather
Simplex with pad tensioner
CAM4868 1
Timing cover with breather
LJR10168 1
Timing cover with breather on following engines 1990 on
F75/76/77, G03/4/5
12A1148 1
Oil thrower
12A956 1
Gasket, early type
Pre pad type tensioner
12G2625 1
Gasket, tensioner type, with bulge
SH604031 6
Screw, cover to front plate
GHF300 6
Was 12G1075
10  GHF331 6
Spring washer
11  GHF120 37716
Screw, cover to block
Increase with Simplex
12  GHF301 37716
13  GHF332 37716
Spring washer
14  12A1212 1
Tappet chest cover with breather
Use 12A1175 gasket
15  12A1386 1
Tappet chest cover plain
Use 12A1175 gasket
16  12A1139 2
Cork gasket
Pre 12A1175
16  12A1175 2
Rubber gasket, introduced in 1966
17  BH605101 2
Tappet chest bolt
Rubber gasket type only
18  12A1176 2
Tappet cover seal
Rubber gasket type only
18  MRC1980A 2
Bush, replaces 12A1176/7
1985 on
19  12A1177 2
Washer cup for bush on 12A1176 only
Rubber gasket type only
20  12A1735 1
Breather hose single carburettor
21  BAU5065M A/R
Breather hose twin carburettor
Was 37H7085M
22  GHC507 2
Hose clip, alternative clip 3H2963
23  12G2134 1
‘Y’ piece plastic twin carburettor
24  LLH10056 1
Hose, ‘Y’ piece to carburettor
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