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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper Verto Clutch & Slave Cylinder 1982 ON

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Classic Mini Cooper Verto Clutch & Slave Cylinder 1982 ON

MINI Catalog Page 3-5
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GCU90115AF 1
Verto clutch assembly- 998cc, 180mm
Pre-engaged starter,
GCU90123AF 1
Verto clutch assembly- 1275cc, MPI only
190mm wide clutch plate
GCU90122AF 1
Verto clutch assembly 1275cc, carburettor only
190mm wide clutch plate
GCU90121AF 1
Verto clutch assembly 1275cc, SPI only
190mm wide clutch plate
GCP271 1
Clutch plate 1982 to 1990 - 180mm
GCP90821AF 1
Verto clutch plate - no longer available
GCP90832AF 1
Verto clutch Disc (plate)
GCC679 1
Verto diaphragm only- 180mm
C-AEG422 1
Steel lightened flywheel with ring gear
Tuning part
12G2445 1
Ring gear, 107 teeth, Now 22G2613
Inertia starter
PSF10003 1
Ring gear, 129 teeth, was DAM7487
Pre engaged starter
WAM1188 1
Reluctor ring for electronic managment system (TBI)
No longer available
SJ104121M 1
Screw for reluctor ring
DAM2821 1
Verto clutch seal protector (plastic shield)
BAU2319 3
Diaphragm to pressure bolt
10  BAU2320 3
Crinkle type washer
11  DAM5923 1
Locking plate key
12  DAM5922 1
Flywheel retaining lock bolt
13  AHU1564 1
Thrust sleeve
14  AAU2866 1
‘O’ ring
15  GRB239 1
Clutch release bearing complete
16  DAM5353 1
Clutch release plunger
17  22A427 1
Stop plunger
18  NT610041 1
Nut, to lock 22A427
19  DAM5355 1
Clutch arm, short
20  DAM5992 1
Mounting plate for slave cylinder
21  GHF165 2
Bolt for plate to case
22  GSY118 1
Slave cylinder
23  3H2428 1
Bleed nipple
24  GRK4001 1
Slave cylinder repair kit was BAU1791
25  SH606080 2
Slave cylinder to plate bolt
26  13H396 1
Slave cylinder push rod
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