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Classic Mini Cooper Road Wheels and Wheel Trim

MINI Catalog Page 4-30
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Part No



NAM8480MH 5
Wheel 41/2”x12”steel in silver
NAM8480PMN 5
Wheel 41/2”x12”steel in black
AJM1135 5
Wheel 4.52x12”alloy-Ritz model
RRC109630MNH 4/5
Wheel 41/2”x12”silver Premium alloy
RRC109630NNX 4/5
Wheel 41/2”x12”old English white Premium alloy (pepperpot)
RRC10339MMP 4/5
Wheel 41/2”x12”8 spoke, bright silver
RRC10339MNH 4/5
Wheel 41/2”x12”8 spoke, silver
RRC10339NMN 4/5
Wheel 41/2”x12”8 spoke, diamond white, Italian job
RRC10339RJP 4/5
Wheel 41/2”x12”8 spoke, grey, Monte Carlo and Cooper 35SE
RRC109640MNH 4
Wheel 6”x13”8 spoke, silver, Sports pack MPI
RRC109640MS 4
Wheel 6”x13”8 spoke, silver, Sports pack copy
Not an identical copy
RRC106280MNH 4
Wheel 6”x13”5 spoke, silver, Cooper Silverstone
RRC10456MMP 4
Wheel 6”x13”5 spoke, silver, Lamm convertible
NLA Revolution
RRC10479MNH 4
Wheel 5”x12”5 spoke, silver, 1993 cabriolet not Lamm
NLA Revolution RFX
FAM3428 16
Nut for steel wheels to also hold one piece hub cap
FAM2563 16
Plastic washer for FAM3428 to hold hub cap on wheel
AJM1139 16
Nut for alloy wheel without outer polished case
Ritz and Chelsea
10  NAM9075 16
Nut for alloy wheels with outer polished case
Was RRD10009
11  RRJ100020 4
Cap for Rover locking wheel nuts
12  RRB100080 1
Locking alloy wheel nut kit Genuine Rover
With KBP10040
12  LOCKNUT1 1
Locking alloy wheel nut kit, after market
Less KBP100040
12  LOCKNUT5 1
Locking steel wheel nut kit, after market
Less KBP100040
13  KBP100040 1
Lever tool for outer wheel cap cover
14  DTB10014NMN 4
Trim-white-full wheel for Rose, Sky, Racing and Flame
14  DTB10014MNE 4
Trim-silver-full wheel for Designer
14  DTB10057MNE 4
Trim-silver mist-full wheel for Mayfair, Studio 2
14  DTB10057MNH 4
Trim-silver sparkle-full wheel for Mayfair, Studio2 and Neon
15  DTB101240MNH 4
Trim-silver –full wheel–Japan market only
16  NAM6582MJ 4
Trim-bright silver-full wheel
16  NAM6822 4
Trim-white-full wheel for Advantage
17  NAM6583MJ 4
Trim-silver-centre only-steel wheel for No16
17  NAM6583NN 4
Trim-white-centre only for Advantage for N016
18  NAM9183MMQ 4
Trim-silver-centre only-plain without logo
19  NAM9184MMJ 4
Trim-silver-3/4 hub cap for steel wheel
20  ADU4981 20
Clip for NAM9184MMJ 3/4 hub cap
Or as required
21  NAM9105PMD 4
Centre cap for alloy wheel, black less logo
Fits 52mm centre
21  NAM9105MMT 4
Centre cap for alloy wheel, silver less logo
NLA fits 52mm centre
22  DTC100610RJS 4
Centre cap for alloy wheel, Monte Carlo, Cooper 35SE
NLA fits 52mm centre
23  DTC100680MNH 4
Centre cap for alloy wheel, black with MINI logo in green
Fits 52mm centre
23  DTC100680NNX 4
Centre cap for Premiun alloy,(Pepperpot style)
NLA fits 52mm centre
24  DTC100690MNH 4
Centre cap for alloy wheel with Mini Cooper and laurel logo
Fits 52mm centre
25  DTC10055 4
Centre cap for alloy wheel Cooper Silverstone and Cabriolet
25  DTC10050PMA 4
Centre cap for alloy wheel Lamm Cabriolet
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