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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper Gas Tanks

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Classic Mini Cooper Fuel Tanks

MINI Catalog Page 6-3
Records - of


Part No



  MS82 1
Mounting kit for RH tank
Not shown
21A291 1
Classic Mini Cooper Fuel Gas Tank Pickup, Van, Estate, Stainless-repro
21A291-Orig 1
Original Gas Tank
British Motor Heritage
ARH672 1
Drain plug
No Longer Available
ARA967 1
Drain plug washer
21A304 3
Large nylon securing nut, rear
AB614101 3
Securing screw for 21A304
21A305 3
Small nylon securing nut front
AB614061 3
Securing screw for 21A305
AAU8340 1
Petrol tank sender unit
2H1082 1
Sender unit gasket
10  53K165 6
Tank unit screw
11  18G8602 1
Petrol cap chrome/polished including seal
11  GSS212A 1
Vented petrol locking cap
Van and estate
11  88G482 1
Petrol cap, pre '63 wagon (when tank mounted inside)
No longer Available
11  NAM3927 1
Black petrol cap vented
No longer Available
12  21A2109 1
Petrol cap seal
13  14A8152 1
Fuel neck to body cowl
No longer Available
14  14A7057 1
Fuel neck seal
15  2A2069 1
Sealing ring, neck to floor
16  PP29 A/R
Petrol pipe, was 21A919 134" for Traveller - 96" for saloons
per foot
17  21A307 1
Tank to pump pipe with unions
18  21A2183 1
Petrol tank, 6.6 US gallon RH
19  ARP1043 1
Petrol tank 9 US gallons capacity (standard filler neck) LH
19  U-ARP1043 1
Petrol tank, 9 US gallon, used
Used, when available
19  WFE10420 1
Petrol tank 9.0 US gallon (restricted neck) May 1992 on,
19  WFE10093 1
Petrol tank 9.0 US gallon (restricted neck) LH
No longer Available
20  21A2838 1
Diagonal retaining strap
21  18G8602A 1
Petrol cap ( vented) w/rubber seal
21  GZC1505 1
Petrol cap ( vented)
21  GSS154A 1
Petrol locking cap ( vented) Chrome
21  AFU3612 1
Petrol locking cap, black
No longer Available
21  GCZ1376 1
Petrol cap, Canadian Mini and MG's
21  WLD100660 1
Mini Locking Gas Cap Non Vented Stainless
22  AHU1029 1
Petrol sender unit
23  ARA1501 1
Metal locking ring
24  ARA1502 1
Locking rubber seal ring
24  2H1082 1
Gasket, fuel sender, cork (for early models)
has six screw holes
25  21A1329 1
Location plate for 21A2183 R/H tank
26  ALA7905 1
Anchor bracket, R/H tank
27  2A2231 1
Lower strap short
28  2A2226 1
Upper strap long
29  21A2331 1
Joining pipe R/H to L/H tank
30  BAU2171M A/R
Plastic vent pipe
Per metre
31  PP29 A/R
Petrol metal pipe, Saloon 92"
Per foot
32  FAB101 A/R
2.6" Petro felx hose
33  FAB102 A/R
6.75" Braided flex hose
33  FAB103 A/R
7.5" Braided flex hose
33  FAB104 A/R
10" Braided flex hose
33  FAB106 A/R
14.25" Braided flex hose
33  FAB107 A/R
22" Braided flex hose
34  ACH5854 A/R
Clip for Smiths type hose
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