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Classic Mini Cooper Rear Brakes

MINI Catalog Page 6-35
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Part No



21A1058 1
Backplate bare, rear R/H Genuine AP
Use 17H8075
21A1058KIT 1
Backplate built up, rear R/H Genuine AP
21A1060 1
Backplate bare, rear L/H Genuine AP
Use 17H8076
21A1060KIT 1
Backplate built up, rear R/H genuine AP
21A1669 1
Bracket for handbrake cable, R/H
21A1670 1
Bracket for handbrake cable, L/H
53K3437 4
Spacer washer
No Longer Available
HF0508 6
Setscrew 5/16” UNF x 1” long, backplate to radius arm
WL2051 6
Lock washer 5/16”
GHF201 6
Plain nut 5/16” UNF
GBS101MS 1
Brake shoes, set of 4
GBS834AF 1
Brake shoes, set of 4 Genuine
AEU1541A 2
Blanking plug for new AP backplates, For new 17H8075/76
17H8092 2
Brake shoe spring lower, cylinder end
10  17H7621 2
Brake shoe spring upper, adjuster end
11  SMN10005 1pr
Handbrake lever set
12  17H7618 4
Tappet Wedge
13  17H7619 2
Adjuster screw
14  GWC1102MS 2
Wheel cylinder 3/4”bore size with item 17
14  GWC1102 2
Wheel cylinder 3/4”bore size, Genuine AP with items 17/18
Original equipment
15  GRK2014 2
Repair kit for GWC1102 wheel cylinder, Genuine AP
Fits both types
16  513118A 2
Bleed screw, 1/4” UNF
17  17H7949 2
Retaining clip for wheel cylinder
18  37H4642 2
Gasket for wheel cylinder to backplate
Supplied with GWC1102
19  GDB106 2
Brake drum with built in spacer
Brake drum with built in spacer, alloy with cooling fins
Special Tuning
20  CMZ422 4
Screw 1/4” UNF x 1 1/4” long for brake drum to hub
21  17H7612 2
Gaiter, backplate to handbrake levers
For items 9 & 10, See GBK1834 kit for car set of springs (4)
For items 12 & 13, See 17H7620 as a car set of 17H7618/17H7619
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