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Classic Mini Cooper Carburettor HS4

MINI Catalog Page 7-40
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Service and Repair Kits
Not Shown
FZX3013 1
Carburetor HS4 with wax stat jet and AAC needle 998cc
Was FZX1415 or FZX1416
AUC8103A 1
Dash pot damper for HS4 carburetor
AUD3306 1
Spring for loading swinging needle
CUD1000-P 1
Swinging needle - various types
AUD4288 1
Guide for swinging needle
AUC4387 1
Dash pot spring Red 4.5oz standard fitment
AUC4587 1
Dash pot spring Blue 2.5oz special tuning alternative
JZX1394 6
Screw for dashpot and float lid (not HIF float lid)
Or as required
WZX1443 1
Jet bearing kit
AUE266 1
Lid assembly with float and needle valve
10  GSU200 1
Float kit - gasket is separate
11  AUC8459 1
Gasket for float
12  AUC1152 1
Float pin
13  AUD9096GR 1
Float needle valve and seat with gasket
Grose jet type
13  CA90 1
Super flow float needle and seat upgrade
Alternative to AUD9096GR
14  LZX1111A 1
Wax stat jet assembly
15  WZX1177 1
Throttle Spindle with screws and gaskets
16  WZX1324 1
Throttle disc with screws and gaskets
17  AUD3080 2
Spindle repair bush 5/16”I/D and ream body to 9.5mm
  CSK65 1
Service kit with jet, needle valve and gaskets
  CRK121 1
Repair kit as above but with disc & spindle & repair bushes
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