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Classic Mini Cooper Throttle Body SPI and MPI - Chapter 7 Pages 41-42

MINI Catalog Page 7-42
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MLB10028 1
Throttle body SPI only
MMJ10004 1
Hydraulic kit assembly SPI only
MMJ10003 1
Throttle potentiometer SPI only
LZV1101EVA 1
Spacer for throttle body and inlet manifold SPI only
WJW10030 1
Fuel pipe lines SPI only
WJH10260 1
Hose, tank to return pipe rail SPI only
WJH10225 1
Hose to feed rail SPI only
WJH104300 1
Moulded fuel feed line hose SPI only
WJH104310 1
Moulded fuel return line from rail to tank SPI only
10  WJU10137 1
Bracket for fuel lines SPI only
11  FS106165 1
Screw M6x16 flanged head SPI only
12  WJU10136 1
Mounting bracket SPI only
13  MHU10059 1
Bracket SPI only
14  FN108041 1
Nut M6 flanged head SPI only
15  FS106107 1
Screw M6x10 flanged head SPI only
16  PHN10011 1
Seal for air box to throttle body SPI only
17  MED10003 1
Pressure temperature compensator SPI only
18  CR110551 1
Clip SPI only
19  JZX3064EVA 1
Gasket hydraulic body SPI only
20  MHB000480 1
Throttle body in plastic, original fitment MPI only
20  ABF622 1
Throttle body in metal 48mm standard MPI only
20  ABF637 1
Throttle body in metal 52mm upgrade MPI only
Performance upgrade
21  SLD100080 1
Accelerator potentiometer kit MPI only
22  MLZ100090 1
Air control valve on inlet manifold MPI only
Requires 2xMYP100610
23  MDQ100040 1
Motor only for control valve MPI only
24  MYP100610 2
Screw longer for MLZ100090 valve MPI only
25  MAH100970 1
Hose to throttle body MPI only
26  FS106257 1
Screw M6x25 flanged head MPI only
27  MHU100900 1
Abutment bracket MPI only
28  MHK100600 1
Manifold absolute pressure air sensor on inlet manifold
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