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Exhausts for all Injection Cars - Chapter 7 Pages 47-48
MINI Catalog Page 7-48
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GEX12043 1
Downpipe assembly for all injected cars except automatic
See C-AEG371 alternative
GEX12044 1
Downpipe assembly for all injected cars automatic only
GEX7779 1
Gasket from Manifold to downpipes
GEX7761 2
Gasket for catalytic converter
RV8009 1
Catalytic converter assembly
Standard replacement
RC40-015 1
Catalytic converter assembly
Sports tuning upgrade
WAG103911SLP 1
Catalytic converter assembly
Germany only
FB110351 4
Setscrew M10 metric 35mm long for catalytic converter
GEX33516 1
Rear exhaust assembly to V059839 was WCE10172EVA
See C-STR811 alternative
GEX33519 1
Rear exhaust assembly from V059840 was WCE10116EVA
See C-STR811 alternative
GEX33595 1
Rear exhaust assembly, Cabriolet only NLA
See C-STR811 alternative
GEX33594 1
Rear exhaust assembly to V059821 was WCE10181EVA
Japan market only
GEX33553 1
Rear exhaust assembly from V059822 was WCE102130EVA
Japan-See notes below
GEX33679 1
Rear exhaust assembly, Twin point injection only
See Numbers 7&8 for SPI
10  DUB100580EVA 1
Tailpipe chrome finisher trim, Twin point injection only
10  GEX1830 1
Tailpipe chrome finisher trim, Single point injection only
11  DBP7104 2
Rubber hanging strap for exhaust
12  WEB10057 1
Heat shield for catalytic converter, front section
13  WEB101440 1
Heat shield for exhaust assembly, rear section
14  FX108047 3
Flanged nut, M8 for downpipe flange to manifold
15  TD108051A 3
Stud for manifold flange to downpipe, Metric thread
16  NV110051 3
Nut, M10 Metric for catalytic converter
17  WDN100110 1
Sensor for catalyst temperature Japan market only
99  NOTE:  
Item 8 was to V059845 on Automatic-Japan market
99  NOTE:  
Item 9 was from V059845 on Automatic-Japan market
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