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Rear Suspension Rubber Cone - Chapter 8 Pages 16-17
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FAM3968 2
Suspension cone
Metric thread
21A1683 2
Alloy strut, C.W.E.
Saloon only to 1984
21A1684 2
Alloy strut (longer)
All vans, saloons 1984 on
GSV1118 2
Suspension knuckle joint complete
21A1163 2
Suspension knuckle joint complete
21A425 2
Knuckle gaiter
21A423 2
Knuckle nylon cup
21A1845 A/R
Washer to raise suspension
GSA389 2
Shock absorber, Unipart
442002 2
Shock absorber, STD KYB
21A1230 2
Shock absorber lower bush, was 21A503
No longer Available
21A504 2
Lower bush sleeve
No longer Available
10  AJD7162 2
11  GHF273 2
No longer Available
12  21A1314 2
Lower of top shock absorber bush
No longer Available
13  GZS1477 2
Upper of top shock absorber bush
No longer Available
14  21A2325 2
Lower washer
No longer Available
15  21A639 2
Upper washer
No longer Available
16  21A640 2
Van and Estate
17  ERA1190 2
Bump stop, fits FAM3968 on late subframe 1990 on
ERA Turbo
18  ERA1191 2
Cap bolt for bump stop, fits FAM3968
ERA Turbo
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