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Radiators pre-1996 - Chapter 8 Pages 48-49
MINI Catalog Page 8-49
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ARP2000 1
Radiator less sender switch facility-pre1992
No drain plug
C-ARA4441 1
Radiator in aluminium, 2 core special pre 1990
C-ARA4442 1
Radiator high performance 2 core with drain plug fitted
C-ARA4444 1
Radiator high performance 4 core
C-ARA4444B 1
Radiator high performance 4 core with drain plug fitted
PGK10034 1
Cowling for radiator, one piece
SH604031 6
Bolt 1/4”unf 3/8”long, for cowling to radiator
14A7286 1
Rubber if 14A6498 cowl has been fitted on inner wing
Cowl left off from 1975
GRC1110 1
Filler cap (15lbs pressure) radiators without sensor switch unit
GRC207 1
Filler cap (15lbs pressure) radiators with sensor switch unit
CAM4618 2
Bush for radiator cowl, ARP1073 spacer tube
12A2153 1
Bracket, radiator cowl to engine mounting bracket
ARP1073 1
Spacer tube
12G4270 1
Bolt 5/16”unf 31/4”long for bracket and spacer tube
10  GFK1125 1
Spring washer 5/16”
11  SH605051 2
Setscrew 5/16”unf 5/8”long, 12A2153 to 12A361 brackets
12  12A361 1
Engine mounting bracket
13  HBZ534 2
Bolt 5/16”unf 43/8”long, 12A361 to gearbox
14  GFK1125 2
Spring washer 5/16”
15  CAM4619 1
Radiator bracket upper 998cc
16  11G227 2
Rubber bush was CAM4414
17  CAM4415 2
Sleeve for 11G227 bush
18  PCU10135 1
Radiator bracket, when sandwich plate and thermostat
1275cc 1990 on
18  PCU10135S 1
Radiator bracket as above in Stainless Steel
1275cc 1990 on
19  GFK5179 2
Setscrew 5/16”unf 3/4”long for bracket to radiator
20  GFK1113 2
Plain washer 1/4”
21  GRD172 1
Radiator with sender switch facility 1992 on less switch .
Original equipment
21  C-ARA4443 1
Radiator with Mini Spares solid screw in sensor included
High performance 2 core
21  C-ARA4446 1
Radiator with Mini Spares solid screw in sensor included
High performance 4 core
21  C-ARA4441A 1
Radiator in aluminium 1990 on screw in sensor
Sensor not included
22  C-ARA4445 1
Sensor unit, fully screw in type for Mini spares radiators
Threaded hole
22  GVS104 1
Sensor unit, turn and lock type for fan switch SPI only
Turn and lock type
23  CDU2334 1
Seal for GVS104 sensor unit(supplied with new sensor)
Turn and lock type
24  KTP9002 1
Retaining clip for sensor unit to radiator
Turn and lock type
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