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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Radiator Hoses and Expansion Tank MPI

MINI Catalog Page 8-51
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Part No



GRD974 1
Radiator in metal (original had plastic tanks) front mounted
MPI only
PCU103110 1
Bracket for mounting radiator R/Hand
MPI only
PCU103100 1
Bracket for mounting radiator L/Hand
MPI only
EJP1483 4
Bush for mounting radiator to brackets
MPI only
MYP100610 2
Screw self lock, bracket to body R/H was SH106161
MYP100610 2
Screw self lock, bracket to body L/H was FS106121
PGG100890 1
Electric plastic fan assembly
DYP10002 4
Bolt fan to radiator metric M6x16
PCF101240 1
Expansion tank
PCF101240ALLOY 1
Expansion tank in Alloy
No Longer Available
10  GRC1184 1
Cap for expansion tank
11  PCU103230 1
Bracket for expansion tank, uses metric nuts M6/M8
12  GRH1465 1
Radiator top hose (available in blue silicon as C-GRH1466)
MPI only
13  GRH1466 1
Radiator lower hose
14  CN100408 2/4
Clip for radiator top hose to thermostat
Use CC16
14  GHC913 2/3
Clip as alternative to CN1008408 except thermostat housing
Use CC16
15  GHC406 4
Clip for water outlets on bottom hose
Use CC6
16  PEU102960 1
Bracket support for bottom hose was PEU102390
No Longer Available
17  PEU102380 1
Bracket support for top hose
18  LPH630 1
Thermostat to expansion tank hose 20cm long was GRH1467
Use PP29A
19  GHC405  
Clips for expansion tank hose
Use CC6
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