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Classic Mini Cooper Body Looms and Harnesses

MINI Catalog Page 9-73
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Part No



HAM3065 1
Body loom, 998cc, Mayfair fazed out in 1985
Use AN166
HAM3834 1
Body loom, R/H/D 998cc Ritz to 1988 thick wall wire
Use AN166
HAM3835 1
Body loom, R/H/D, thin wall wire 1989 on with speaker wires
Use AN169
YMD10258 1
Body loom, R/H/D 1989 on, 998cc-1275cc HIF44 less speaker wires
Use AN177
HAM3836 1
Body loom, L/H/D to X442929 with radio, 998cc
Use AN166
YMD10259 1
Body loom, L/H/D from X442930 last 998cc-some early 1275cc carb
No Longer Available
YMD10562 1
Body loom, SPI to XN57167
No Longer Available
YMD10744 1
Body loom, SPI from XN57168 to 58253
No Longer Available
YMD10733 1
Body loom, 1275cc HIF38 carb, open loop catalyst to XN56445
No Longer Available
YMD10745 1
Body loom, 1275cc HIF38 carb, open loop catalyst from XN56446 on
YMD10718 1
Body harness, 1275cc HIF38 carb, from XN58254, alarm 1993 on
YMD10717 1
Body loom, 1275cc SPI from XN58254, alarm 1993 on
No Longer Available
YMD109660 1
Body loom, MPI only with safety plugs and fittings except Japan
No Longer Available
YMD110460 1
Body loom, SPI only with safety plugs and fittings Japan only,1996 on
No Longer Available
YMD000360 1
Body loom, MPI with high level stop lamp, Cooper 500 only
YMQ10103 1
Harness driving lamps Cooper SE 1990 only
No Longer Available
YMZ10015 1
Harness driving lamps Cooper 1300 and SPI
No Longer Available
YMZ100200 1
Harness driving lamps when alarm fitted XN58747 on
No Longer Available
YMZ100610 1
Harness driving lamps, Monte Carlo edition only
No Longer Available
YMK10055 1
Harness link for sunroof motor to switch, British Open
YMQ10166 1
Harness link for sunroof switch to fusebox, British Open
YMY100790 1
Harness for interior lamp, early alarm XN58747 to 103112
No Longer Available
YMY100960 1
Harness for interior lamp, late alarm from XN103113 on
YMQ10155 1
Harness link microwave to alarm to XN103112
No immobilizer
YMQ102340 1
Harness link microwave to alarm from XN103113
With immobilizer
AFU2824 1
Cable starter to ground, wiper motor to ground
Use 5L1137
YMV100930 1
Harness link for headlamp levelling to main harness, 1993 on
No Longer Available
10  YMZ100880 1
Harness for fog lamps, MPI only
No Longer Available
11  YMQ102930 1
Harness link for Burr walnut dash with single analogue time clock
12  YMQ102840 1
Harness link for dashes with 2 extra gauges+clock, Caerbont pre 1999
12  YMQ104960 1
Harness link 1999 on with VDO gauges, full numerical time clock
13  YMN102030 1
Harness in boot
14  YMQ105690 1
Harness link modification for fan sensor GTR208, MPI only
15  YMZ100610 1
Harness fog lamps to switch on dash, Monte Carlo 1994 only
No Longer Available
X =4th digit of chassis number 998cc.
XN=4th digits of chassis number 1275cc 1990 on 998cc cars with servo started at X396449.
From 1985 to 1990 interior lamp wires had bullet connectors with spade wire extensions attached, looms corrected to lamps 1990 on.
All Rover Body harnesses are obsolete but can be made to sample. If you have no sample the following change points should be noted.
Factory fitted radio with speaker wires-Some 998cc and Cooper HIF44 cars had separate loom for speaker wires.
Windscreen washer pump in boot for all SPI and HIF38 carburettor cars 1991 on-except 998cc and HIF44 carburettor Cooper.
All Injection models require fuel pump wires to petrol tank.
Factory fitted Alarm/immobiliser, MPI had alarm contact switch in boot
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