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DIY Classic Mini Brake Articles

TOP Brake Tips for Classic Mini (General Articles)
Your brakes are the primary safety system for your vehicle. They're even more important if you're carrying and/or carrying any kind of load.Check out these TOP Brake Tips and learn when it might be time for replacement brakes and what our TOP parts Part Experts recommend to help keep you safe on the road.Why are brakes important?• Ensures optimal braking performance• Contributes to proper vehicle control• Helps maintain vehicle safety• Maximizes stopping power and improves stopping distanceIndicators replacement brakes may be needed:• Increased stopping distance• Excessive brake noise• Abnormal brake pedal feel• Pulling or vibration during braking• Excessive brake dust on wheels• Gen...
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Classic Mini Cooper Brake Lines & Brake Servos page 10 (Brakes,Classic Mini Catalog)
Find a Part No. in the catalog below.  -  Type or copy/paste it into the search box to find it on the website. If you would like to view this information in our complete 84 page color catalog- Click here This browser does not have a PDF reader installed. Please download the PDF file to view it: /Mini%20Mania%20Catalog.Brake%20Lines%20&%20Servo10.pdf...
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BRAKES - Silicone brake fluid, to use or not to use (Calver's Corner)
Over more recent years I've had affair number of discussions on the use of silicone brake fluid as opposed to the more common type. I have to say some folk are vehemence in their belief that this stuff is 'the answer' to all kinds of brake maladies. Some time ago I contacted the two major brake specialists in this country (UK) to see what they had to say. Their reactions was as vehemence as those ...
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Special pricing on Classic Mini Brake Kits ()
Time to change those brakes? Give yourself a price "brake" with special pricing on these brake kits. Kits include just what you need at a special savings sure to make your wallet and your Mini happy.SHOP NOWClassic Mini Rear Brake Maintenance Kit with bearingsFits 1967 and laterKit Includes:Classic Mini brake drum 7" diameterClassic Mini rear brake spring kitClassic Mini screw drive flan...
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BRAKES - Pipe end flares (Calver's Corner)
  One day I'm going to have to try and assess just how it is that every now and again I get a 'run' on folks asking me about a specific problem. These problems exist all year round, year in, year out. And said problems crop up throughout the year. But - every now and then there's a blood-rush on a certain issue. Just recently that issue has been brake pipe ends. The bit that seals the pipe...
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