Engine Coolant Leak

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I know 06 BINIs are prone to leaking from the thermostat housing. Use the green button on the left of the message dialog box typing area to post a picture. Picture size has to be < 3K.  

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It would help if you include what year and model mini you are asking about. Being as they were made from 1959 to the present.

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Hello Everyone, 

I am new to the forum, and somewhat new to fixing Mini Coopers. 

I have discovered leaks on my driveway. Low and behold it I traced the source back to this part and it seems to be where coolant is dripping from. 

Could anyone please point me in the right direction? I need to know what part this is as the repair manual doesn't give a good diagrammatic picture. 

Please let me know what part or generally what to look for so I can start this repair. 

This picture was taken underneath the vehicle looking up at the engine - almost in line with the steering rack or in the vicinity of the oil pan. I can only imagine it's attached to the motor that's why i was thinking some sort of freeze out plug. 

Help! please.

p.s. how do i add pictures?