Replacing Brake light Switch

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Clever solution for whatever car it is.


"Hang on a minute lads....I've got a great idea."

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On what type of car? Sweet Midget by the way. 

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Ever tried to replace your stop light switch....... and find that the fender well blocks the turning of the switch, with the wiring soldered in place as the unit is supplied, into the threaded fitting welded into the brake and clutch master cylinder enclosure....? After replacing the 1st switch the hard way by removing the wiring, installing the switch, and re-soldering the wiring to the switch in the car to obtain the clearance needed, this time I finally figured a better way...! The length of 3/8" 24 NFT shaft is 1" long with nearly 1/2" extending into the housing not needing threads. So I filed down the threaded area 3/8" on the end of the shaft which then allows the switch to move that much farther into the threaded housing allowing clearance from the inner fender area for plenty of clearance installing the switch with all wiring attached....! Just say'in...!