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 The definitive 3 - sync guide

 Created by: 66Cooper'S
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"Alicetaylor" is a spammer. 


"Hang on a minute lads....I've got a great idea."

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Thanks for sharing the information. It is very useful for my future. keep sharing

outlook entrar

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See the two links below.

EDIT:  The direct links don't appear to work due to "privacy errors".  Instead, go to the link below.

And from there look for the PDFs on "Gearboxes" and "Gear Details"

If your browser doesn't want to go to Mk1-performance, click on "advanced" when it warns you, then look for "continue to Mk1-performance".  You'll get there.

Doug L.
 Posted: Mar 5, 2019 06:29AM
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What I am looking for is a guide to the 3-sync gears.  I have the special tuning data on the Cooper 'S but am looking for the rest.  For example I have a 1st motion shaft with 20 teeth on it.  So it is for a Cooper 'S.  But, if it only has 19 teeth is just a std Mini ( and what laygear does it go with etc, )