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 Rebuild time...

 Created by: Hunter2
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 Posted: Mar 15, 2019 10:34AM
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So are you planning to do it again? Really liked the posts you did as you prepared for the ALCAN. Looks like a fantastic car.

 Posted: Mar 15, 2019 09:05AM
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I followed your post on the preparations for the rally, and know that you checked and double checked all of your work, including rejecting suspect/out of spec. parts. It's a shame you were taken out by a poorly manufactured bearing. I was just reading some comments on another forum that recomend staying away from KOR bearings. Hope you can recover quickly to rally another day.

 Posted: Mar 14, 2019 07:47PM
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Many of you will know that ROO retired from the ALCAN 5000 2018 Summer Rally...going on the sweep trailer at Johnsons Crossing, Yukon.

On disassembly, the idler gear bearings had 'disintegrated', taking out the idler, primary & input gear, destroying the transmission case & drop gear housing.

These bearings bore the letters KOR on the rim of the drawn cup needle bearings...with clearances set up with great care.

I have since acquired the German Schaeffler Group SCH 1212 INA bearings which are direct replacement for the Made in England Torrington JH 1212 bearings used in production.  Sadly, I had to bypass our major suppliers to get the right product.

These bearings were NOT available from our local supplier in B.C., which brings in the KOR bearings from Mini Spares as an appropriate part.

My great concern is that all of our major suppliers look upstream to ascertain the quality of parts to be made available to us the Mini owners.