Transmission slipping from 3rd to 4th

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about $5500 to buy used BMW mini tranny..   CVT trannys are the WORSE of the WORSE..  you should have bought a Classic mini.. laterbc

 Posted: Jun 11, 2019 10:51AM
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I have a 2005 R52.  Ran over a dead deer on the turnpike going about 60 MPH.  The automatic CVT transmission now slips going into 4th gear after driving for approx. 30 min.  I have had it at least 6 trany shops and not one wanted to diagnose the problem.  They all wanted to just put in a new trany.  I have it in my head that it is something that can be fixed, (such as the valve body).  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I have viewed on you tube someone using a software package called DIS V57 to reprogram their transmission, has anyone used this & does it really work?

Also the door/trunk/hood light on the dash keeps coming on & off.  If I set the lock, after a short, while the alarm comes on & keeps on until it runs the battery down.  If we go shopping and set the locks/alarm we come out with a dead battery.  I was thinking I would jumper out the hood/door and trunk switches but I'm sure how the alarm system ties into the problem.  Anyone have any ideas.

Thanks in advanced for any help that might be out there.