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 Automatic Dying when put into Drive and Reverse

 Created by: mmanatrey
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 Posted: Jun 25, 2019 07:26PM
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jedduh yea.. me thinks this.. also..fyi.. I ALWAYS use NON ethanol gas  93 Octane in all my British cars..  and this seems to cure the problem as I have a mere 12 british cars now..   later bc

 Posted: Jun 25, 2019 07:20PM
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My first thought : Old Gas

How long since the fuel has been refreshed.  Even 4-6 Month old fuel just dosent have the bang a good fresh tank would have. I always have to run my parker car straight to the pump to get fresh fuel.

Start there if you haven't    

 Posted: Jun 25, 2019 01:48PM
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I finally got to get my classic out for the summer and of course there's a new issue. Whenever I put it into drive or reverse, it runs super rough and eventually dies. I can pull the choke and raise the RPM's or throw it into neutral and have it idle when I am at a stoplight, but i would like a more permanent fix. I tried to raise the slow RPM to fix the problem, but it still died when I put it in gear. Vacuum lines are all good, unless I missed one... I was told oil is important, but it was changed before it was put away for the winter. I do use 20w-50 because getting 10w-40 here is near impossible on conventional oil. If you think of anything please let me know!!