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 The Ultimate Theft

 Created by: oldminimover49
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 Posted: Jul 22, 2019 07:58AM
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It's a Modern Take on history! They bought that right!

Link for Reference


 Posted: Jul 21, 2019 06:00PM
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big al. I have said this for years. .remember MME in Mogog Quebec..  the OIL caper..  the BMW MINI owner sure did NOT see my sick sense of fun  ?? bc

 Posted: Jul 21, 2019 09:30AM
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I see BMW have just came out with a 60th Anniversary model BINI

Green with all kind of SIXTY stickers on it 

What a blatant apparent hood winkle to try and pass off on the public

Do BMW not have any conscious or morals ?

No one that buys one should ever try parking near me at any event

Rant over...... for now


Niagara Ontario Canada