sa12 coil replacement or fix

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Are you referring to "Lucar" connectors... which are nothing more than spade connectors?  If so, you could probably solder the spades back on.  Thoroughly clean the brass until it is yellow and all the patina has been removed.  Use a high-Watt iron or gun with flux to complete the joint.

You can certainly buy a new sports coil if you want but recent products labeled as sports coils haven't all had good reputations.  Unless you have tweaked other things in the ignition system (like performance wires and a wider plug gap) there is not much to be gained from a sports coil.

Doug L.
 Posted: Jul 28, 2019 04:40PM
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my sa12 coil has lucas connectors that are pressed to brass.  One has broken away.  Can I solder this to fix it?  Or is there another way to fix it?

If it can't be fixed what should I be looking for to replace it.  this - Classic Mini Ignition Gold Performance Sports Coil?
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