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BMW Mini Cooper

 Building a rotisserie

 Created by: drburr47
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 Posted: Dec 4, 2020 05:57PM
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 Posted: Nov 29, 2020 01:03PM
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Having wheels is extremely helpful.  I built mine copying one that I think was posted on MM somewhere.

Didn't cost that much.


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 Posted: Nov 20, 2020 06:30PM
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If you are not in a rush, try yard sales or Craigslists for engine stands.

 Posted: Nov 20, 2020 04:22PM
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It appears that the 1/2 ton engine stands sold by Harbor Freight are almost exactly the right height (36”) to use as uprights for a classic mini. At $62.99 each it would cost almost as much to make up an A frame with legs for that. Hmmm.
Following up, I’ve found that the upright of these stands is angled back enough to require modification by removing the front casters and raising the rear wheels on 3/4-1” blocks, with the result that the head is then nearly dead level.


Peter Burr, Nashville, TN