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BMW Mini Cooper

 New walnut dash questions

 Created by: JerseyMini
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Apr 27, 2021 07:46AM JerseyMini  
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 Posted: Apr 27, 2021 07:46AM
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My mini currently has the original dash modified to hold my digital gauge cluster and i want the stock look again with the stock gauges,and a new Walnut dash.I feel like the digital cluster was good for ease of use,but it gives it a different look and i want to change that back.

I noticed some Wanut dashes look much different than others as far as color which is to be expected. Any recommendations? I really like that deep vibrant almost reddish type burl walnut over the lighter more tan/wood color.

Also,im at the LH dash with the 3 gauge pod. My dash before didn't have the wood type bezel that sticks out before and i noticed some places sell just that. How is that attached to the main dash? My memory is foggy as its been 10 years now since i messed with the dash in stock form. I dont even remember the way the cluster was attached to the dash lol