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BMW Mini Cooper


 Created by: jvigoo
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 Posted: Jul 1, 2021 06:31AM
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It is possible to find a used cap and have all the caps line bored, but you will need to compensate for any change in the position of the camshaft.

The cleanest solution is a new head as mentioned previously.

 Posted: Jul 1, 2021 06:08AM
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Rough Road,

Cam caps are machined specifically to each Cylinder head in the way they are manufactured.  Changing cam Caps / holders is NOT reccomended. The tolerance must be EXACT original spec =TO tight the Oil will not flow. and the cam will sieze.  Too Loose= the oil will dump out and not lubricate or hold oil pressure.

 Sadly the true fix is a replacement cylinder head.   you already went thru valve replacement. but a remanufactured head would have been the better path.

 Posted: Jun 30, 2021 04:12PM
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hey every one i’m new to the mini world and i need help, my timing chain recently blew up and bent all my valves. i took apart the head changed the valves and everything new top end. well i noticed one of my cam caps are broke. i got a bandaid on it new just to drive it. but is there any way i can get a new cap. and if i can witch one will fit i believe it’s the exhaust cap number one cylinder. i do have a 2008 mini cooper s turbo. will the non turbo caps fit or what will i have to do?? thanks for the help