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BMW Mini Cooper

 Mini wheel bearings at autozone? Oh

 Created by: Minigeorgie
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 Posted: Jul 25, 2021 03:03AM
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if your in the area of northampton ma. I can offer tools and assistance swapping out your bearings. 

 Posted: Jul 21, 2021 02:05PM
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Thank you for pointing us out Spank!

We have in stock the original equipment Timken Cooper S bearing kits complete with spacer and seals GHK1140
and we even have in stock a much cheaper alternative still with spacer, seals, grease, and a new cotter pin GHB143K for only $33

Xavier, Sales/tech - 800-46-2642

 Posted: Jul 19, 2021 12:26PM
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you can also ask for a 1968-1972 Austin America front wheelbearings although you likely won't get a full set for one front hub and the parts person will ask you if you want inner or outer.

When you buy the full kit from say, oh I dunno... Maybe our host MiniMania...you will get both inner and outer bearings and races as well as what is supposed to be the correct thickness spacer for a hub that is within factory specifications as a matched set

When you order inner and outer separately from a parts supplier that is not necessarily a mini specialist, you run the risk of not getting the spacer, or only getting the bearing or the race an not at all a matched set and when you tighten the hub to proper torque specifications withOUT the spacer, you will just squash the hell out of everything and the hub won't spin. If you try to reuse your old spacer, it might not be matched to the width needed for those other bearings so it could end up too loose or too tight. The bearing preload is not something super easy to get right.

the skf number for what I believe is a full kit with the spacer is VKBA749. Confirm for yourself, though.

Attached are generic Centric part numbers and descriptions for something you might get at a regular auto parts store. With those dimensions and generic info in the attached pic, Autozone or whomever may be able to help you locally in a pinch.

 Posted: Jul 19, 2021 03:34AM
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The trouble you will find is your mini will not be listed in their computers. You will have to ask for a 1967 Austin Cooper S 1275 to get that part.

 Posted: Jul 18, 2021 06:31PM
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In need of a front wheel bearing for my 1979 mini in New England on a road trip. Does anyone know of a generic auto parts store bearing set that will work?