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BMW Mini Cooper

 Aftermarket rocker arm identification

 Created by: Jmoss
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Aug 5, 2021 06:20PM minibitz  
Aug 5, 2021 05:27PM 6464s  
Aug 5, 2021 03:31PM Jmoss  
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 Posted: Aug 5, 2021 06:20PM
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Sintered A+ factory rockers. Used on all 1000cc & 1275cc A+ engines.

 Posted: Aug 5, 2021 05:27PM
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I don't believe the rockers are after market. They look to be from late model 1.3 .

 Posted: Aug 5, 2021 03:31PM
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Does anybody know what type of rocker arms are shown in the pics below as I do not believe they are stock. Just bought this engine and am trying to do a little research into its past history before I swap it into my Riley Elf. Engine is a 1275 and the engine number starts with 12H. The head casting number states that it is from an Austin 1300 GT.