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BMW Mini Cooper

 All British Field Meet - Portland, OR this weekend

 Created by: theminimark
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Sep 1, 2021 11:49AM dr. jinG  
Sep 1, 2021 07:40AM theminimark  
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 Posted: Sep 1, 2021 11:49AM
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Outstanding!  Great fun and fellowship for all!

**Dr. jinG**

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 Posted: Sep 1, 2021 07:40AM
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Come on out to a great field meet held in conjunction with SOVREN races at Portland International Raceway. This race weekend is referred to as the Northwest Fall Classic, and there is a Giant Slalom event as well. This meet is largely supported by the Oregon Mini Society and other local British car community members. Just near the border of Oregon and Washington, it's a great site for racing and British car viewing.

See the web page ABFM-pdx dot com.

Bring your British car and enjoy the long weekend! We'll look forward to seeing you all there! Best regards, MSH

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