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 MiniMania vs. Rogue/Madness filter

 Created by: Peyton55
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Oct 1, 2021 03:45AM kenatminimania  
Sep 30, 2021 07:07AM Peyton55  
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 Posted: Oct 1, 2021 03:45AM
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What is the year & model of your MINI?

Which Mini Mania filter - part number?

 Posted: Sep 30, 2021 07:07AM
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Can someone help me here?

Rogue and MINI-Madness sell the same CAI filter for $259 with Black powdercoat.

Mini Mania's is slightly different, yet very similar and goes for $199 powdercoated.

Has anyone seen both of these?

Any feedback on these products or the companies selling them?