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 Fan belts (Japanese mini)

 Created by: 661100
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 Posted: Oct 6, 2021 12:23PM
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 Posted: Oct 6, 2021 11:15AM
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I have the belt off a Jap AC MINI at home... will see if it has some numbers


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 Posted: Oct 3, 2021 06:08AM
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Hello people, As per title replacing head gasket on a Japanese mini. i went all over town with these belts looking for replacements. MitsubOshi mpmf 1230 and MitsubOshi mpmf 1365 capital on the O because it is not an I. Parts counter is stumped at O Rileys and Napa the 1230 is at max travel and loose so it is worn or need a smaller one. The alternator is also touching the hood and is making a racket. The domestic belts don't go as small of a diameter as these are. The cross section seems smaller also. This is the japaneese mini with the lower air conditioning pump and the transfer belt to the upper alternator. Anyone have some numbers or a source for these two belts? Thank you. Aaron