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 Classic mini estate spare tire size?

 Created by: Willie_B
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 Posted: Dec 9, 2021 04:56PM
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Hi Willie,

Join the club.....I've thought of asking this question many times.... Although I can't find any evidence of repair or distortion of the spare wheel well in my Traveller I can't find a wheel tyre combination that will go in there and allow the lid to shut. I've even tried an old 5.00x10 crossply on an equally ancient 3 1/2" wheel.

Now I just stick a 165 on an S rim behind the passengers seat.

Cheers, Ian

 Posted: Dec 7, 2021 09:45AM
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maybe leave the spare out and put a can or two of "inflate a tire" in there. I know it mucks up the inside of the tire but it's an option.

 Posted: Dec 7, 2021 07:33AM
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You might also try a used tire that has worn down.


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 Posted: Dec 7, 2021 01:08AM
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A 145/80/10 will fit, but because all the spare wheel wells were designed for crossply tyres the radials are a tight fit.

Often you'll find you'll need to let some air out and carry a partially deflated spare (and a pump).

 Posted: Dec 6, 2021 03:54PM
 Edited:  Dec 6, 2021 03:56PM
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145 80 should fit

 Posted: Dec 6, 2021 02:31PM
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I was hoping that a 145/80-10 on a 3 1/2" wheel would fit, nope. What size tire do I need to use so it will fit where it is supposed to go?

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