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 Foxwell NT520 code reader

 Created by: keririra
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Jan 31, 2022 01:44AM keririra  
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 Posted: Jan 31, 2022 01:44AM
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i got my 2011 Clubman in Feb 2019. At the recommendations of forum members i got a Foxwell NT520 code reader in June 2019. the little Actron reader that worked on my Fords and Suzuki did get the job done on the Cooper. it arrived. i tested it and got a bit familiar with it. all was fine. i put it back in its case and back in its box and stored it in the car. Well, the car has been nearly perfect since then. so the NT520 has had a very gentle life.
i took the meter out last weekend and found it will not power up. not when plugged into the car. not when plugged into my PC. it is supposed to lite up either way. emails to Foxwell support prove to be less than futile. they tell me they do not offer my meter any longer and suggest i just buy a new one.
maybe i'm not as wealthy as everybody else here? maybe i have standards from days gone by? i was expecting a support dept to be able to help me get my instrument fixed and functional. advice to just throw it away was not reasonable. they could not even tell me it there is an internal fuse that mite have blown.

has anybody else here had any similar experience with Foxwell?

if that is the way they support their products, i sure don't want to buy another of their devices.