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 Anybody welding aluminum with a mig?

 Created by: 6464s
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 Posted: May 7, 2022 01:02AM
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i have been looking at this welder as an affordable entry level Tig set up// 


 Posted: Feb 4, 2022 04:45PM
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I haven't tried to weld aluminum with a MIG welder. Personally, if it was that straightforward to weld aluminum without a spool gun, there wouldn't be a market for those guns. If the soft aluminum wire does bunch up in the feed liner, I would think it would be a real mess to clean up - might even need to replace the liner.

Now if you're contemplating a new welder - perhaps you might want to consider getting a TIG machine and learning that process (especially if you're only welding a few parts at a time.) Then you would have the possibility of the neatest and cleanest aluminum welds and would be essential if you're producing gas-tight welds (i.e. for items containing pressurized gas.)

But if you're mass producing a lot of welded aluminum structural-only joins, then MIG would be more cost effective in terms of productivity.

 Posted: Feb 2, 2022 08:03PM
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I have an aluminum project and need to weld. Currently I have a Lincoln mig welder that is quite old but still works great. Just finished going over the entire mini, welding in patch panels and rocker panels. I see on YouTube that you can weld aluminum by changing wire, gas and the wire feed liner. Has anyone done this with success in welding aluminum?

There is also the spool gun, but I will have to modify my Lincoln to accept this gun. Anyone have experience with the magnum sg and a newer machine? This set up is over a grand.

Thanks for your input. Jim