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 About time!

 Created by: Abelclasico
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 Posted: Feb 5, 2022 11:45AM
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SCUM, the dimensions that they give in the description are similar to a 1/18 scale. 
I've seen better, more detailed models for cheaper. Mind with this you get figures and accessories (oh wow). Still. 
I bought a metal die cast to customize to match my actual Mini. Still have yet to get to it. 

Simple recipe for Excitement:  Take 1 Classic Mini. Throw in 1590cc's of engine. Add 5 gears. A dash of 94 octane. A sprinkle of style inside and out. Toss in 1 MadMan and finally heat tires and pavement to taste. Recipe produces 1 Mini VTEC conversion and full satisfaction. Motor on!
 Posted: Feb 5, 2022 10:23AM
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Any idea of what scale it is?  1/12, 1/18, ??   No info about that in the link.  They should have done the Mini in resale red without the flares.....

SCUM #2. "Life is too short to own just one classic Mini!"

 Posted: Feb 5, 2022 05:20AM
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$79 ??!!
My first Mini cost me $175 and I drove it summer and winter for 3-4 years. Bonus: it was an Austin Countryman deluxe.


"Hang on a minute lads....I've got a great idea."

 Posted: Feb 4, 2022 04:57PM
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After seeing that Playmobil had made a rendition of the classic Beetle and VW Bus, I was expecting them to release the Mini aswell (although not a big fan of the wheel arches). And here it is https://www.playmobil.us/mini-cooper/70921.html?fbclid=IwAR1eZQtmxBpnN3DG6AjM1Cf4V-X8nFNMLw6_7OBmwGv1aNGPYnl-161EGlw
Now, I hope the price reflects their 'admiration' for our favorite car as the other models are a bit cheaper https://www.playmobil.us/shop-online/cars
Some of us might be buying them 'for the kids'....