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 check engine light intermittent

 Created by: veromihu
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Feb 22, 2022 06:04AM kenatminimania  
Feb 21, 2022 10:37PM veromihu  
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 Posted: Feb 22, 2022 06:04AM
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Maybe a compression check or borescope inside the cylinder to check for carbon build-up affecting the compression?

 Posted: Feb 21, 2022 10:37PM
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I own a 2011 clubman s, driving to work i pull a hill about a mile and a half, mile up the hill the engine light comes on, obd code reads misfire, i think its the timing chain. in sport mode normal, no code. why? have changed coils and plugs. had a walnut blast head cleaning and injectors replaced. no changes. engine code comes up misfire. can i try anything else?