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 Gearbox problems?

 Created by: MiniNorway
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Feb 23, 2022 11:24AM MiniNorway  
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 Posted: Feb 23, 2022 11:24AM
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In desperat need for som advice here. So, i have rebuild a rodchange a+ gearbox. New selector forks, som new gears and bearings. After reassembly everything seemed fine. But the gears needed som force to be turned around on the "leftside" the first gear and right side went smoothly. After torquing everything up it got somewhat better. Installed the engine in the car today. But to push the car when neutral is selected requires a lot more force the normal. Jacked it up, right wheel goes fine, left wheel need significant amount of force to turn. Brakes where unfortunatly not the problem:/ Clutch is working, can select all the gears. Its possible to drive the car, but only tried 2meters forward and backwards.  I am now starting to think them something went wrong in the gearbox assembly sequence....any advice ?