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 MME winner

 Created by: Hearty850
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Apr 11, 2022 07:22AM kenatminimania  
Apr 8, 2022 04:45AM Hearty850 Edited: Apr 8, 2022 06:01AM 
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 Posted: Apr 11, 2022 07:22AM
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Congratulations to Mr. Peter Spence!

 Posted: Apr 8, 2022 04:45AM
 Edited:  Apr 8, 2022 06:01AM
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On behalf of the Ohio Mini Owners and Mini Meet East 2022 we would like to congratulate Mr. Peter Spence.
Discussions over pizza,swing arms, and fender flares it was decided that because of your loyal following of
minis and the meets you have won the early registration contest and get free full admission to Mini Meet East 2022.

 From all of us at OMO and COMO we thank you Peter for your loyalty and enthusiasm over the years!! See you soon mate!