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 Created by: Craig127
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Apr 11, 2022 07:20AM kenatminimania  
Apr 9, 2022 02:43PM Craig127  
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 Posted: Apr 11, 2022 07:20AM
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We can only get individual parts for the Midlands transmission from MINI. Some parts have been discontinued.

We put together our own rebuild kit here: Mini Cooper Midland Gearbox 5-speed Rebuild Kit Oem (minimania.com)

Here is a shop manual if you need it. It is for a Rover gearbox but they are internally identical:


 Posted: Apr 9, 2022 02:43PM
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Bought a 2005 Mini Cooper, 5 speed manual, hatchback. If I’m following the mini rule book, I have an R50, midland 5 speed transmission. I am very mechanically inclined and want to purchase a rebuild kit above transmission. I cannot find one listed on the website? WTF? Any help would be awesome