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 Created by: Spitz
Orig. Posting Date User Name Edit Date
May 14, 2022 08:35PM Markiss  
May 9, 2022 09:33AM PhatHeadDonnie  
May 8, 2022 06:31PM Spitz Edited: May 9, 2022 06:08AM 
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 Posted: May 14, 2022 08:35PM
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Yes, e-Mokes. https://mokeamerica.com/blogs/news/moke-america-at-f1-miami-grand-prix

Simple recipe for Excitement:  Take 1 Classic Mini. Throw in 1590cc's of engine. Add 5 gears. A dash of 94 octane. A sprinkle of style inside and out. Toss in 1 MadMan and finally heat tires and pavement to taste. Recipe produces 1 Mini VTEC conversion and full satisfaction. Motor on!
 Posted: May 9, 2022 09:33AM
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Spitz.. sure it one of the Moke America POS e mokes.. was it hot pink  ? Like Kim and Khole Kardashdions ??

 Posted: May 8, 2022 06:31PM
 Edited:  May 9, 2022 06:08AM
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Anyone notice verstapin was driven to the podium in a moke.  Looked like a new electric one.


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