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 Seven & Minimania partnering.

 Created by: MartinGreenbank
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Jul 11, 2022 10:21AM Dr Mini  
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Jul 4, 2022 07:31AM theminimark Edited: Jul 4, 2022 07:33AM 
Jul 4, 2022 03:09AM kenatminimania  
Jul 3, 2022 11:39AM MartinGreenbank  
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 Posted: Jul 11, 2022 10:21AM
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I'm just wondering if the two main Mini parts houses become one, what happens to the prices? Of course there's Mini City and Moss, but Doug is getting older and I can't see that business going if he retires. Moss is not a big supplier of Mini parts either, so the options are going to get smaller. From what I heard at Mini Meet East, most folks are sourcing their parts directly from England now, so it may be the beginning of the end of US suppliers if they get too expensive. BTW, what I surmised from the press release is that Michael Abramson and Don Racine had both been in the Mini parts business since 1974, which amounts to 48 years. Add that to their ages and I'm sure they are more than ready to retire and turn the business over to someone else. That said, Doug Scribner started Mini City in 1968 when BMC/BL decided to not sell Minis in the US anymore. Fifty-four years plus his age and you can see that he probably needs to take a break from it as well. It will be interesting to see what the US Mini parts business looks like in 10 years...

"Retired:  No Job, No Money, Wife and I!  Will travel anywhere for Minis"

 Posted: Jul 4, 2022 04:11PM
 Edited:  Jul 5, 2022 05:54AM
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I see Johnatan Harvey is  now the President of Mini Mania.. Don Racine still the owner ?/

 Posted: Jul 4, 2022 07:31AM
 Edited:  Jul 4, 2022 07:33AM
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I agree! I hope the very best for your partnership, and will look forward to seeing your success! Best regards, MSH

Below is the full text of the information shared on the Seven site on July 2nd, 2022:

Seven Mini Parts is joining forces with Mini Mania!

Since 1974, Seven Mini Parts has strived to offer North American classic Mini customers high-quality Mini parts, customer service, and technical expertise. Today, we’re taking the next leap forward in servicing our clients, by joining forces with Mini Mania. We believe this will prove to be a win-win-win for Seven, Mini Mania, and above all, you, our customers. What's Changing? Seven’s inventory will dramatically increase in combination with Mini Mania, with greater range and depth, plus more “in stock” inventory. Expanded warehousing will facilitate faster and more efficient shipping. What’s Not Changing? Seven’s detailed website will still be available to offer classic Mini parts and information. Our 800-992-7007 sales number will continue to be answered as always, along with the other phone numbers and contacts on the web site. And, most importantly, our staff of Classic Mini experts will still be there for you! Mike Kearney will continue to be available with his decades of Classic Mini technical and racing expertise. Jack Holdaway will still be here to provide his expert and friendly counseling, sales, and customer service. Karen Seeley will continue to be the friendly voice on the phone, as well as maintaining the 7ent.com website and social media posts. Andy Garnica will move to a similar role in the Mini Mania warehouse to get parts shipped out. Best of Both Worlds In short, you and your Mini are gaining the combined resources of North America’s leading classic Mini suppliers. And we’re confident you’ll continue to receive the level of service, the quality of parts, and the reliability of technical information that you’ve grown accustomed to.


Founder’s Message Since starting Seven in 1974 with my original partner, George Sykes, I’ve found it to have been an exciting career to be able to supply parts and expertise to the friendly and enthusiastic community of Classic Mini owners. The last 48 years have flown by, and I’d like to thank all the Mini fans I’ve met, East, West, and in Canada and Mexico, for your trust and patronage. I’m happy to pass the torch to a new generation of employees who will continue our business ethic and practices, and I hope you, our loyal customers, will continue to support the new Seven division of Mini Mania. You can be assured that Seven’s traditions of customer service and product knowledge will be maintained. You’ll be in good hands under the stewardship of Jonathan Harvey, owner of Mini Mania.

In the meantime, David Rhoades will be moving on to other opportunities, while Steve Maxwell, Claire Holdaway, and I will now be able to enjoy the slower pace of our respective retirements. With lasting appreciation, we send you a final “Cheerio”!

Minis Rule!

Michael Abramson

All Together Now.... Everybody......
 Posted: Jul 4, 2022 03:09AM
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Thank you Martin!

 Posted: Jul 3, 2022 11:39AM
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Sounds like it's going to be a great partnership.
I've had great experiences from both establishments.
Good luck to all involved!
Cheers, Martin.

"Nature Bats Last"