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 Turn Signal Stalk – Fixing the Unfixable

 Created by: Twright3
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Jul 4, 2022 08:35AM Twright3  
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 Posted: Jul 4, 2022 08:35AM
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I own a 1970 Innocenti Mini. I broke off the turn signal stalk. I was left with the metal stalk, a broken off piece and the piece mounted to the steering column. The last part looked non-trivial to replace and I wasn’t sure if it was an Innocenti-specific part. I decided to fix it.

After several practice fittings, I super-glued the stalk to the loose piece. (I always use plastic gloves with super glue to avoid gluing my fingers together.) After it dried I managed to super-glue the combined piece to the part on the steering column although I was sure it would break off with one use. So I let it dry, added a bit of super glue and wrapped it a dozen or so turns of black thread. I add a couple more drops of super glue which soaked in nicely. I repeated this three or four times. With a few dozen turns of thread now impregnated with dried super glue, the repair is doing fine.