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 GN-13 spruce green formula

 Created by: CharlieCroker
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Jul 14, 2022 02:28AM CharlieCroker  
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 Posted: Jul 14, 2022 02:28AM
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Hello everyone, 
      I am working on a moke and looking for GN-13 spruce green.. anyone here have a car in that color willing to have it scanned at a local paint shop camera.. best i can come up with so far is a ditzler formula from a later rover. 
the Moke i am doing was painted in a purple and no parts of the original color was left.  

if anyone has a had this mixed and has a formula let me know. 
any paint brand is fine i have Dupont ppg and Sherwin Williams dealers near me and my friend can mix RM and glasurit 

thanks for any replies.