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 'Front brake pads' 'service requirements' menu

 Created by: JimH2022
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Oct 2, 2022 04:10PM Minimike1  
Sep 25, 2022 07:24PM JimH2022  
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 Posted: Oct 2, 2022 04:10PM
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youtube your model with replacing front brake pads.  But you can give them a visual inspection and if there's more than 1/8 of pad material you OK but depending on your driving should think about replacing them soon.
Before they are metal on metal. Pad backer plate to brake rotor. 

 Posted: Sep 25, 2022 07:24PM
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Mini One D 2014

Hi there. Had front brake pads and sensor replaced at an independent garage when the warning light came on. My question is, should 'front brake pads' still appear within the 'service requirements' menu, but with 'OK' next to it and a reset mileage until replacement required again (maybe 30k?)? Or is it the case that it won't show on that list until there's a lower mileage until replacement required again? 

Thank you for your help.