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 4 speed manual gearbox chatter in first and second

 Created by: MitchO
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Oct 31, 2022 04:31PM MitchO Edited: Oct 31, 2022 04:33PM 
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 Posted: Oct 31, 2022 04:31PM
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Hello, new member here.

I have a problem with my four speed manual gearbox (1970) with a slight chattering noise in second and sometimes in first.  I’ve pulled the engine and had a look and it appears that the reverse gear lay shaft can slightly touch the final output gear if it moves away from the clutch side of the gearbox.  

At first I thought the lay shaft must have too much lash, but actually, it only has a barely detectable lash.  

So then I looked more carefully, and compared my gearbox with photos online, and it looks like the final cog is way out of alignment, far too close to the clutch end of the gearbox.  I’ve taken some photos.  Is that final gear cog out of alignment, and  if so, what is involved in resetting it in the correct position?  (I cannot move it side to side with my hand, so no apparent lash.)

(I hope this link works…)


Thanks in advance, Mitch.