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 Where is this mini headed?

 Created by: whiteflagwar
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Nov 24, 2022 10:19AM Markiss  
Nov 18, 2022 08:30PM whiteflagwar  
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 Posted: Nov 24, 2022 10:19AM
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Too bad it wasn't heading to my house
I was just on that site just days ago looking at that rare Ford GTX1. 
Tasteful looking Mini. https://www.broadarrowauctions.com/vehicles/pb22_0014/1966-austin-mini-cooper-mk-i-race-car  After seeing the engine, I guess the $45,920 hammer price can be justified if 7ent built the engine. 

Simple recipe for Excitement:  Take 1 Classic Mini. Throw in 1590cc's of engine. Add 5 gears. A dash of 94 octane. A sprinkle of style inside and out. Toss in 1 MadMan and finally heat tires and pavement to taste. Recipe produces 1 Mini VTEC conversion and full satisfaction. Motor on!
 Posted: Nov 18, 2022 08:30PM
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Anyone know what part of the country this mini is headed towards? Hoping it stays here in the states and continues to live life as a racecar.