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 HELP Gen1 '07 drips coolant parked in winter

 Created by: SFree70
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 Posted: Dec 30, 2022 04:35AM
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I agree with Kermy - that is my first suspicion.

 Posted: Dec 29, 2022 08:18PM
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My wife had an 07 Cooper with the same leak that had something to do with the thermostat housing, maybe warped or a bad gasket.

 Posted: Dec 29, 2022 07:26PM
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Trying to pin down any other possible ideas...
2007 S convertible, in excellent shape - garage kept over winter.  All the coolant hoses have been replaced (2019), and the water pump/gaskets and the coolant overflow reservoir were replaced (2020) - all by Mini techs.  It runs like a sewing machine during the warm months.  Every winter while parked in the garage, particularly after a very cold snap, there is a puddle of coolant under the front end.  There is still coolant in the reservoir, and of course due to the ground clearance the best I can see is where the coolant has fallen onto the underside cowling from some unknown location in the middle of the car right to left, runs to a low spot, and drips.  This last one is probably around 10-20cc. Any ideas at all??  What am I missing?