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 R60 2WD-All4 Conversion

 Created by: MattWarsaw
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Jan 5, 2023 04:51AM kenatminimania  
Jan 4, 2023 09:48PM MattWarsaw  
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 Posted: Jan 5, 2023 04:51AM
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We have not heard of anyone converting their Countryman from 2wd to ALL4, nor have we heard of anyone offering such a kit.

 Posted: Jan 4, 2023 09:48PM
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I'm the proud owner of  a 6 speed Mini Countryman S, but unfortunately my baby is coming out of her time. I will be purchasing a new vehicle soon to take her place as my primary source of transportation.. So with that on the horizon, I'm pondering what possibilities my Countryman might have for the future... My hope was to turn it into an off-road project, however mine is the 2WD model.. I've seen that Mini made them with the all4 all wheel drive option, but I've seen nothing online about a conversion kit or anything at all about any kind of mini countryman conversion. This might be a shot in the dark, but does anyone have any insight as to whether or not converting my Countryman is even possible? If so... Where could I find more information?