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 Best selling Classic Minis (Rover, Mayfield, Austin... etc)

 Created by: Cstamp111
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Jan 7, 2023 04:17PM PhatHeadDonnie Edited: Jan 8, 2023 07:39AM 
Jan 7, 2023 01:48PM 1963SV3  
Jan 7, 2023 01:40PM Willie_B  
Jan 7, 2023 12:21PM Cstamp111  
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 Posted: Jan 7, 2023 04:17PM
 Edited:  Jan 8, 2023 07:39AM
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Cstsamp111   I have been buying  all my classic minis off www.ebay.co.uk and www.gumtree.com in the UK..  facebook there is also great source for the last 25 years.. do NOT buy one sight unseen.. from POS like David Ellsion at Mt Minis in the UK.. it is buyer beware..  good luck in your search. fyi.. if you sell more than five cars in ANY state you will need proper current. Dealer Lic and dealer lot.  just ask the  Michael Lewis/ Mini Guy or Bobby Pack. when you dont have either.... later PHD.. ps. I would run from www.bringatrailer.com   saw an  early 90s classic mini AUTOMATIC just sold for $FIDDY large..   stupid money..  for  proper petrol mokes check out www.milanunious.com in Spain. and www.mokoncept.fr in France..

 Posted: Jan 7, 2023 01:48PM
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Have a look at "Bring a Trailler". They have quite a data base of cars sold so you can see actual sale prices and lots of condition photos.

All you have to do then (rolling eyes emoji:) is look around and find a suitable car at a good price.....

Cheers, Ian

 Posted: Jan 7, 2023 01:40PM
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Where are you going to import and title it? Any mini in GOOD condition would not be too hard to resell.

"How can anything bigger be mini?"

 Posted: Jan 7, 2023 12:21PM
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Hey guys, Im looking to go over to Europe, and buy and import a Classic Mini into the United States. However I am looking to sell it here in the states as well. (hopefully for a profit) but I'm not sure which type of mini I want to purchase over there. what ones should I lookout for? Idk any advice or anything would be helpful. I already have a good grasp on the importing laws and how to ship a car here but everything else im in the dark. Thanks guys!