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 Mini Meet West 2023

 Created by: Craig
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Feb 13, 2023 08:50AM Craig  
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 Posted: Feb 13, 2023 08:50AM
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Hello Everyone!

Mini Meet West 2023 will be held from Monday, June 26th through June 29th and leaving Friday, June 30th in Santa Maria, CA between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo and 30 minutes from Pismo Beach. The host hotel is the historic Santa Maria Inn and you can reserve your rooms right now by calling the hotel at 800-462-4276. Be sure to mention Mini Owners of America San Francisco to get the reduced room rate.

Registration for MMW23 is now open!!! Please go to minimeetwest2023.com and follow the instructions to register and join our email list to get the latest information as it becomes available.

'72 Morris Mini - 1310cc, K1100 head conversion