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 Vacuum Pump Connection Question

 Created by: JhnMjr
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Apr 26, 2023 05:50AM kenatminimania  
Apr 25, 2023 06:23AM JhnMjr  
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 Posted: Apr 26, 2023 05:50AM
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can you identify the year / model of your MINI?

 Posted: Apr 25, 2023 06:23AM
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Hello! I'm a new to mini, a 6-month mini owner and I had a vacuum pump fail, causing the exhaust cam to skip out of time and cause a wee bit of issues. ?? I just finished a full tear down and rebuild of the top end with a new head, and as I put on the new vacuum pump, there is a smaller port on the bottom side of the pump, and I can't figure out what attaches to it. I see nothing and don't recall taking anything off of the old pump when disassembling. Any advice is very much appreciated!